Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A must-see youtube video

A young Greg LeMond interviewed in 1983, one month after his victory in the World Championship, in a still slightly hesitating French.

This interview is conducted just after le Grand Prix des Nations, in which Greg LeMond finished 2nd and put himself in the first position of the Super Prestige Pernod.

He talks about being totally unknown in US even as a world champion, and about how he sees the future of his career: making a comfortable living thanks to cycling, and not having a career "à la Merckx" with wanting to win all, but focus on the big races and enjoy other things in life, and finish his career healthy...
A must-see!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr Clean

For any fan of Greg LeMond, I highly recommend reading this piece by Benjamin Strong: Mr CLEAN: Greg LeMond and Pro Cycling's doping problems.
(And for non-fans, maybe a few things to learn... )

It relates in very well put words the atypical position of Greg against doping throughout his career and recently.

It includes some quite rare pictures, including this one, of Greg at age 16, winning one of his first European races in Belgium. That's one wonderful picture in my opinion, so vintage, looking like it could come directly from the 40's... so contrasting with later pictures in Greg's career.

The piece finishes with:

In more ways than one, Greg LeMond has courageously defied the social convention of keeping quiet about anything shameful. Although the record books tell a different story, the Tour de France has had no worthier champion than him.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Great blog ! and a german interview

Greg LeMond was interviewed by the german Tour Magazin. If anyone got a hand on this interview, don't hesitate to share ! I'm trying to find that magazine, not so easy in France... But I keep hope ;-).

On another note, Thierry has a great blog about Greg's victories and defeats, with some very rare pictures ! Go visit: The Best of Greg LeMond.

Friday, October 5, 2007

LeMonds, father and son...

Recently, when talking about father and son in the LeMond family, one refers to Greg and Geoffrey... But this time I just found a recent picture of Greg with his dad. Though I didn't see any picture of Greg's father since the beginning of the 1990's, I'm pretty sure it's him. They were in Las Vegas at the end of September for Interbike. I'll post more pictures of Greg at the Interbike, where he was for LeMond Fitness and signing autographs, in a couple of days. If you were at the event, took pictures yourself, have anything you'd like to share, let me know ;-)...

The blog wasn't started yet when Mrs Bertha LeMond passed away at the beginning of last June, so I'll use the opportunity here to send all my thoughts to the LeMond family after their loss.