Monday, September 29, 2008

FredCast interviews Greg LeMond

David Bernstein (FredCast) posted a long interview with Greg LeMond about why he sat front row at LA's press conference at Interbike and explaining more what he asked there, and his ideas to be able to detect autologuous blood transfusion for instance, his views on pro cycling right now...

Really nice complete interview, highly recommended ;-)!

Friday, September 26, 2008

FredCast has the audio of the press conference

Wow... two posts on the same day. That's a first for me.

You can listen to the press conference there:

Big thanks to David ‘Fredcast‘ Bernstein for putting that online!


Cyclingnews has a quite complete report about the press conference made by Lance Armstrong and in which Greg LeMond questioned the anti-doping program that will be led by Don Catlin, a UCLA specialist about doping tests and who helped uncover the BALCO scandal, to ensure that Armstrong is clean.

Don Catlin will be paid by team Astana, to perform "independent" (add sarcastic laugh here...) testing on Armstrong. As was pointed out by LeMond in this press conference, Catlin will conduct tests concerning steroids and EPO use, but no measurements of Armstrong VO2max, power outputs... or anything else that might help uncover blood doping. Talk about transparency...

Photos of the press conference are here.

And this is the article from VeloNews about this conference:

Armstrong press conference turns tense
By Neal Rogers
Posted Sep. 25, 2008

A scheduled Lance Armstrong press conference at the Interbike cycling trade show in Las Vegas turned tense Thursday morning when three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond questioned his plan to disclose his blood and urine values during Armstrong’s 2009 comeback season.

Armstrong announced Wednesday in New York City that he is working closely with Don Catlin, who formerly ran UCLA’s World Anti-Doping Agency accredited laboratory. In an attempt at full transparency, Catlin will post Armstrong’s biomarkers online for the sports community to see.

LeMond, who has been at odds with Armstrong for years going back to the Texan’s relationship with controversial Italian doctor Michele Ferrari, sat in the front row and was granted the first question by Armstrong.

LeMond immediately brought Catlin’s methods into question, claiming that VO2 max, oxygen intake and power output can be used as indicators of whether a rider has used illicit performance-enhancing methods.

Catlin, whose background is in laboratory testing for banned substances, answered LeMond by saying, “that’s not my area of expertise.”

LeMond told Catlin and Armstrong that it might not be Catlin’s area of expertise, but it is an area that Australian researcher Michael Ashenden has studied.

Armstrong, who was joined on the podium by Catlin and American teenage cycling phenom Taylor Phinney, then interjected, telling LeMond, “We are here to talk about a few things — the global cancer campaign, my comeback to cycling… I appreciate your being here, but it’s time for everyone here to move on.”

Lemond replied, “So the whole history has just been passed over?”

Armstrong then moved on to the next question.

LeMond drew a similar line of questioning later in the press conference, and after several minutes Armstrong quipped, “Greg, I almost feel like we should have a fourth chair up here” before cutting LeMond off and again taking other questions.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little update... has a nice little article about Greg here, with a few pictures.

It finishes with this:
Whatever the outcome of the legal wrangling with Trek, it's apparent Greg LeMond loves the same thing we do: endless ribbons of pavement on which to ride, a clear 75-degree day, and the company of fellow cyclists to remind us why cycling will always matter.
With Armstrong coming back next year (makes me nauseous to just write it... ), it's nice to get little reminders on the positive aspects of cycling.

And about LA coming back, it's reported here and there that there has been a little tense moment this morning at the Interbike 2008 in Las Vegas, to which Greg LeMond participates with LeMond Fitness, when Greg asked a question about doping to Lance Armstrong during a conference the latter was holding. There's no report yet about what was actually said, but I'll try to keep us informed ;-).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

25 years ago today...

September 4th, 1983: Greg LeMond won his first World Championships in Altenrhein, Switzerland (Elite men's road race... We know he got a gold medal and more at the Junior ones in 1979).

The Bobke Strut blog has a great post about his win, with a lot of material, links and pictures, that I had never seen before. I highly recommend a visit there!