Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who does actually blast the image of sport?

In the last post I made a link to the article in the Denver Post untitled: LeMond blasts image of sport.

I know journalists are just looking for sensational titles sometimes, but that one is really quite annoying. Greg speaks out against doping, and fact is, doping exists in cycling, big time... Up to a nauseating level. Should it be denounced? Sure it should.

On the Competitors Radio Show, Greg said:
"For some reasons in today's world, they love to shoot the messenger instead of listening to the messenger, and I'm just saying "okay, how do we solve this problem?" and a lot of the messengers that are saying this are immediately getting punched upon, and the problem is not going away. It's not me by speaking out against drugs that's causing this bad publicity for cycling, it's those who choose to cheat and take drugs. That's what's causing the damage."

Who is blasting the image of sport now? Greg LeMond... or Vinokourov, Kasheshkin, Rasmussen, Landis and oh so many others?

I picked up my side long ago.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, big Greg fan here - I would also have loved to have seen the 1991 tour free of EPO. Has anyone ever seen footage of the first half of the tourmalet from the 1991 tour? Greg apparently attacked at the bottom with Chiappucci and Indurain following. Eventually a group formed and Greg was famously dropped just before the top. It would have been great to see that attack. For me that one climb illustrated dramatically the end of the EPO free era and the start of a darker era...