Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The year the EPO changed cycling

Today's column written by Greg LeMond in Le Monde is entitled "L'année où l'EPO a changé le vélo". 

1991... the beginning of the end, not only for Greg, but also for other great riders of that time, and for us, spectators. Instead of watching humans riding back, with their good days and bad days, with surprises and drama, we had then, and still have, to deal with robots, who kill competition quickly. They are not writing the history of the Tour de France, they are just adding victories to a list. 

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Thierry said...

Nice having you back on the net Claire. I was surprised reading that Greg is now writing columns for Le Monde. Great news !

The last part of this article is what I always thought about the ending of his career. Muscle disease was not really the explanation. If you see the muscular progress in 1 year of riders like Indurain en Chiapucci there is no doubt about their way of "preparation". It's sad to see a great champion ending his career fighting robots instead of cyclist.

I just think that Greg is now losing his popularity by always talking about doping. I know he's right but I think it's better to stop fighting it. People are talking about him like he's jalous and hypocrite. I don't want that to happen. For me he's a champion and I hope the world thinks te same way about it.

Just one question. Do you have the part of the book of Fignon where he's talking bad about Greg