Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year to all Greg LeMond fans!

and to everybody else too ;-)... (I know, I know... a bit late, but better late than ever)

And to start the year, two little news about Greg:

There's a short extract of the Procycling issue dedicated to him here:
Procycling talks to Greg LeMond.

And the panel about "Legal Issues in Drug Testing Athletes", held by the Chicago Bar Association last November and to which Greg participated, was aired on CSPAN, and they now have a PodCast of it.

Go to this CSPAN site and subscribe to the
Outside the Beltway podcast, or use directly the following xml:,

and get the January, 2nd 2008 episode... Greg is introduced at about 1'16''05, then makes a little presentation about his career, talks about his retirement with 'a bad taste in his mouth', talks about doping... And in the end, with the rest of the panel, answers a few Q&A.

If you want it and have trouble getting it, contact me:, changing AB by the 2 last digits of Greg's birth year ... (sorry 'bout that, just my loose attempt at trying to avoid spams).


Albert Pallas said...

Hi Claire,

Happy New Year to you as well!!

I found by chance some nice Greg's pictures. You can find them here,


Albert Pallas said...

Oops...I think that the entire link was not posted...

Anyway, just go to and perform a 'greg lemond' search.

And that's it :)


Claire D. said...

Thanks Albert! Great pics indeed :D