Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a bike!

First I have to apologize for the very long delay for a new update... Life's been a bit hectic recently (traditional excuse...). But I'm now back in business with this blog!

There have been quite a few news about Greg LeMond recently, and I'll catch up with putting them as updates in the next few days, promise!

And for a start, Nicolas, one of the blog readers, has had this really nice idea as a tribute to Greg: he recreated a 1983 Gitane bike, looking strikingly exactly like what Greg was riding in 1983!

Here is the story of this very special bike, by Nicolas:

Hi everyone & thank you Claire for your kind words.

This is my "new" bike. In fact it is a Trek-US Postal 2003 bike that was given to me by my brother. I've never been an Armstrong fan so I wasn't too excited about the painting & stickers so...

I tried to make this bike as close to Greg's 1983 Gitane bike, the one he had when he won his first rainbow jersey. I was 9 at the time and this is when it all started for me as a Greg LeMond fan. You see, we had this habit with my father & older brother to race on our bikes, pretending we were champions. 1 week before the actual race in Switzerland, we made our own world championship. My father was Fignon, my brother was Hinault and I was Greg. Needless to say...I won. Then the real Greg won too ! That was a sign.

This is my tribute to Greg and the great many years I spent since then enjoying his victories and inspiration over & over again.

This bike has been painted in the same electric blue, I added yellow tape on the handlebars and switched from shimano to campagnolo group to get as close as the 1983 modolo brakes as possible. I finally found good reproductions of Gitane decals on e-bay Australia.

What's really funny is that I took the bike to get this done only 2 weeks prior to Trek dropping LeMond bikes.

I appreciate the kind of irony this bike gives to that story.

And here is Greg riding this bike ;-) :D !!


fabrice said...

formidable Nicolas ta reproduction !
à quand celle du superbe cadre tricolore du tour 90 ?

soloyan said...

Merci Fabrice !
Et merci Claire de me donner la parole sur ton blog...c'est bon de savoir que tu es de retour !
Ah, le vélo de 90, ça le fait mais le fluo fait un peu daté puis je n'ai qu'un seul vélo donc je vais profiter un peu de cette version !