Sunday, July 6, 2008

Greg on the Tour in Brittanny

As I said before, there are right now quite some news about Greg and I have a hard time to catch up here. Right now I have time just to indicate the latest news. Sorry about that...

And the latest news is the following: Greg LeMond was on the Tour de France today, for the 2nd stage (Auray - St Brieuc) and shared his will to participate in the anti-doping fight and in the changes that are needed to clean cycling. He gave interviews that are reported in many media sources. Here's a link to the most complete interview, as far as I can tell... One of the main points he made is that cycling does not need UCI anymore. Here's the quote:

"The UCI is just there to stamp licenses and make the regulations. The solution for cycling is very simple: organizers and riders should create their own federation and take over the sport"

I couldn't agree more ;-).

He was invited by his former teammate Eric Boyer to follow the stage, and Greg could be seen briefly on French television, beside Bernard Hinault in an interview conducted after the stage.

Here is also a video of one of the interviews Greg did this morning in Auray.
It is also indicated in the media that Greg drew big crowds around him and was asked for many autographs. His presence on the Tour didn't go unnoticed, and that's good news...

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Remedy said...

Hey Claire. Is saw the interview here in Belgium on the television. There was also a small article about him in the newspaper telling that he's expected to launch a new cycling team in the ProTour. In 2001 he was already asked by a petroleum company to start a team but that never happened. They asked him if it was possible to win a Tour without doping at which Greg answered no. Today his answer would be yes he said. Hope to see Greg back in cycling.