Friday, July 13, 2007

Interview on Vélo 101

Greg and Geoffrey LeMond are interviewed by the french Vélo 101. They are spending a month in Europe now, riding in the Alps, and doing l'Etape du Tour next Monday (July 16).

Nice reading... I may translate a bit more when I have time (or if there are requests...). Greg indicates that he only wants to finish l'Etape du Tour, and that he didn't lose enough weight yet to do more (10 kg so far... ). He's training seriously since last January. His son Geoffrey is riding since March 2006, but not decided to get pro... with worries about doping: "Now is not the right era to become pro", to which Greg adds: "Even if he could become pro, I wouldn't want it".

To the question: "Did you ever dream that your children become pro?",
Greg answers: "No, the life as a pro is difficult. Mainly since the 1990's.. those years have destroyed for me the possibility for my kids to do pro racing. There is so much difference between over-programmed riders and natural ones."

Geoffrey is asked about his memories about his father racing:
"I remember a lot. In 1989 (he was 5), I was walking along the Champs-Elysees with my grandfather. I think that even if my parents were trying to just distract me during the Tour, I was following well what was going on in the race. On the Champs-Elysees, I remember giant champagne bottles with Laurent Fignon's face on them. During the final TT, I was watching my dad. He won, and some people took me, policemen, they carried me towards journalists, then to my mom, and then only I got with dad. It's something really memorable. It was a bit risky, I was a bit afraid with all the fuss."

I can't help but put the pictures here:

A next part of the interview will be published on Monday, where LeMond will talk about Armstrong and Landis.

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