Friday, July 20, 2007

Photos de l'Etape du Tour

The site Velovelo has a few pictures of Greg LeMond and Geoffrey at L'Etape du Tour. I'm putting them here (click to enlarge)

Geoffrey managed to find cycling socks Ac/Dc! And he's wearing the jersey Chicago Northwestern University (wildcats). I wonder what Greg's jersey belongs to. Any idea?

Again, I'm sorry to have to report some more Landis' bashing. It's basically just the same as the NPR interview I talked about before , now reported in Times Online. Don't hesitate to express yourself about that, there, here and elsewhere. It seems that a few Landis' supporters already have jumped on the "LeMond is a pathological liar" bandwagon. Funny how some people have to wait for their idol stating something against Greg to immediately have the same opinion. That reminds me of Armstrong's "LeMond is bitter"... I'm afraid we will now have to deal with the "liar" characterization for a bit... Same old same old.

Last, but not least, thank you to the people who suggested to share things about Greg and/or help with the blog. You can email me at (Sorry.. I have to make a little riddle here, I don't want spams... ;-) )
"lemondXX at gmail dot com" where XX are the two last numbers of Greg's birth year. Should be easy...


soloyan said...

Pour répondre à ta question, Claire, le maillot de LeMond est un maillot de la marque suisse Assos (
C'est le modèle "Equipe".
Assos, c'est à peu près ce qui se fait de mieux en vêtements cyclistes : matériaux hi-tech et ultra léger, mais aussi...très chers (100 euros le maillot !).

Claire D. said...

Merci pour l'info soloyan :D !

Quelqu'un qui a roulé un peu avec Greg récemment parle de lui mentionnant ces maillots Assos :

(cool photo sur cette page...)

J'avais pas reperé que c'était le même logo...