Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vélo Club again... and Greg on Le Tour

I put a little video of Greg appearing on Le Vélo Club here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuA_3cQ31r4

Also in the 'news', but a bit late: Greg talked about the end of the Tour 2007 with PezCycling:
Greg LeMond on le Tour: The Finale Begins.

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chazzy3 said...

Thanks so much for your blog! Greg is certainly one of the most admirable athletes of the past three decades, and one of the most important to sports in America. During the height of Armstrong's reign at the Tour de France, I would see numerous articles on the Tour that would dismiss LeMond since he had won only "a few times" -- how disgusting! It displays no sense of history (unfortunately too common in the USA) or any understanding of the growth of cycling in the States. It was amazing that Greg won the Tour even ONCE, and his return to the podium is one of the greatest stories in the colorful century-long history of the Tour.

As for the issue of doping, the press in America has always looked quickly to criticism of Armstrong and Landis as sour grapes and anti-Americanism: this is only the absurd reasoning of the bully! (Which is reflected verbatim with the stories of both Armstrong and Landis -- you couldn't script the thing better!) The reasoning of mainstream French opinion has always been: "Look to the facts." And, unfortunately, the facts have consistently lead to the conclusion, "This smells really, really bad," in relation to both Armstrong and Landis.

The interview with Greg in L'Express is truly great and sheds light on many issues. (Not only that, but he mentions one of the other great heroes of contemporary cycling, Charly Mottet, who certainly would have been a champion in another day...)

Those who attack Greg from the camps of both Armstong and Landis are such sad, ugly people. Again, I say, "Look to the facts," and the respect and love that LeMond has generated through such an exciting career and inspiring public life.

So, thanks again -- and it was so great seeing both LeMond AND Fignon (another great champion and such an interesting guy) on Vélo Club!