Monday, July 9, 2007

The Tour started...

PezCycling has Greg's views on the first week of the Tour de France. After all the agitation with the Landis arbitration, I like to hear Greg talking about plain cycling... to see he is still passionate about the Tour.

It was planned that he would go with his son Geoffrey at l'Etape du Tour on July 16th, I'm waiting for news about it...

Otherwise in the news, many articles talking about the Tour and doping mention Greg and the Landis affair, as well as reminding Greg's accusations about Lance. Paul Kimmage has a new article about the start of the Tour de France in London, and the history of doping since the 1990's:

zero tolerance is the only way forward. There is just one question. Why didn’t this happen when riders were dying from conditions brought on by their drug abuse in the 1990s? Why has it taken until the sport is on its knees?

Kimmage also recalls Greg's quote from last week "Big Interview":

“This sport needs to bleed to death before it can rebuild”

Why has it gone so far?

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