Thursday, July 5, 2007

Little introduction

I'm a big Greg LeMond fan, and I felt that this world was lacking a little shrine to the man. So I'm opening this blog, where I'll post recent news about Greg, old and new pictures, recollections of his great times on a bike, archived articles, quotes... anything concerning Greg.

Feel free to comment, whether you love or hate the man. I love and admire him, and I'm eager to share this admiration with anyone. I am well aware that Greg LeMond is also a man of controversy, and I won't turn my eyes on that. I'm eager to share argumentations...

English is not my native language, so be ready for some uneven cobblestones along the way.

The title of this blog is a quote by Greg, from his book "Complete's Book of Bicycling". He probably knows what he is talking about...

Enjoy the ride!


Thierry said...

Bonjour. Je suis très heureux de voir qu'il y a encore des vrais supporters de Greg. Moi, je lui supporte de 1984 quand il a rentré le Tour. J'ai une collection enorme sur Greg qui contient des photos, articles, livres, videos, ... J'habite Anvers (Belgique). Je me demande si vous avez aussi beaucoup de photos de Greg ? Peut-être on peut échanger des photos par mail ? Vous pouvez laisser une message sur mon website. Cliquez sur "Gastenboek" et mettez votre message ou votre adress email. Je vous contacterai après.

martha said...

Hello. I'm working for a magazine doing an article on Greg LeMond. There is a photograph on this blog- of LeMond in a hospital bed, which we are very eager to use. Do you happen to know the contact information for this blogger, or perhaps where the photograph is from? Thanks so much! All the best, Martha

Claire D. said...

Hello Martha,

I'll contact the blogger of to ask whether he knows where that picture is from.

The oldest publication of this picture (black and white version) that I saw myself was in the French magazine, LE MIROIR DU CYCLISME, Mai 1987, in an article by Gilles Van Kote relating LeMond's hunting accident. It's indicated in the article that the only French journalist that went in the hospital room to visit Greg was Jean-Marie Leblanc, then working for the sport newspaper L'EQUIPE, so my guess was that he or a photographer working with him took the picture.

I hope this can help...
What magazine are you working for?
I'm highly interested in any upcoming article about Greg LeMond!

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